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White Mountain Ski Homes Condos

Luxury, trailside living is a lifestyle. You work hard all year, and when the snow’s on the mountain, you want to relish every moment on the slopes. You want to be able to ski right out your door, glide to the chairlifts, and stop off at home after any run so you can grab a meal or snack, or just warm up a bit before the next run. You don’t want to plan and pay for increasingly costly ski vacations. You want to own your vacations, and have more privacy and luxury than you’d get in the hotels.

But most of all, you want to share your fun with family and friends. Face it, your best friends usually have the same interests as you. You all love to ski. And, you’ve passed the same enjoyment you’ve had down to your family. Luxury living is more than a lifestyle—it’s a way to share your wealth with those you love.

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