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Distinctive Mountain Homes and Property in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

It’s all about the views. People flock here to live or vacation in homes surrounded by the most dramatic mountain views possible. Many homes are of the highest quality with panoramic mountain views that will change your whole outlook. There are also many high-end developments that still have a substantial number of mountain view lots available, where you can build a custom home, suited to your imagination and taste. These are usually located in neighborhoods with strict covenants, paved roads, underground utilities and community amenities.

Many of the best locations were scouted out and built upon long ago. Mansion like homes are perched on some of the most scenic overlooks, or set on lakefront coves and peninsulas with views of the lake reflecting the mountains beyond the distant shore. Another great option is to buy property with substantial acreage, where the existing home is perfect for guests, and the zoning laws allow you to build another home that’s in line with your idea of a luxury mountain lifestyle. The most luxurious mountain homes have dramatic views, and high quality building. That would now include many green features, and perhaps an energy star certificate – these are quickly becoming a standard feature in fine homes. Up here in the White Mountains, they can be very important in keeping your house warm when the unobstructed wind is blowing in your direction.