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Healthy Living

Healthy Living involves not only food choices but your home, your living environment and anything that you put on your body, including the primary necessity- water!

I read a book recently (Suzanne Sommers’ Sexy Forever) that had me quite alarmed as to what we eat and slather on our skin.  I had no idea that so many pesticides (can cause all kinds of disease, inc. cancer) were on the food that we eat; from dairy to fruits and vegetables to all the canned goods on the shelves.  There are really only a couple of viable solutions: grow your own food or buy organic.

The toiletries industry is packed with pretty and seductive packaging that entices us to purchase their products.  However, if you use Suzanne’s book to guide you as to what is actually in the products, you will be horrified.  Most of the “preservatives” in face creams for example are carcinogenic in nature as they are chemicals that have been proven to cause all manner of bad cancers.  This book has started me on a journey of self-enlightenment regarding what I use in my home, what we eat, and what I put on my body.

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